Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thought For The Day

It is believed that with the blocking of one senses, you are able to open the other areas of senses.

Just imagine, if you are floating in water, just like a cork in a soundproof, dark room, where the body and the head cannot figure out your senses………

The chances are it will open avenues to other areas of the senses which we never knew that we possessed.

Perhaps the sixth sense or the seventh ?

The movie "Altered States" starring William Hurt further emphasizes this theory.

He floats in a isolation tank on water to experience this unique experience. The  movie is pretty good, although it is  sci-fi in nature and is also kind of scary at some points.

In the below clip, the snake and the woman both represent one and the same thing, "Carnal lustful desires" or earthly desires. Besides, after the loud and crazy joyfulness or "sex" is over,  you are nothing, but dust in the wind. You are left with absolutely nothing, because this whole physical human experience is based around sex and wasting our energy on things that never last...

And for these who hate the ending - i am sorry to tell, but its true, all you need is love...

Must try it one of these days – it can open answers to many a question that have been lying unanswered for years

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