Monday, July 14, 2008

Current Programs, Problems and Pursuits

Take one of these questions per day or per week and reflect upon them. Remember, don't try to work with all of them at one time.

Write out a couple of sentences or paragraphs answering the questions that speaks to where you are right now..

These questions may also be used as a foundation for a discussion group.

Checking In
  • Is there any situation or relationship in which you feel unresolved or anxious ?

  • We know that if we owe someone an explanation, phone-call, letter or an apology, we feel sapped until that is resolved. The same thing is true when you have made a decision to do something but it doesn't feel right. Burying your feelings and delaying with issues only increases the pressure of this energy drain. Bringing these circumstances in to conscious or cosmic awareness will help you resolve it. Follow through on your intuitions and it will help you to the next level.

  • What is your most important question for the moment

After defining and writing down the question, define the outcome that underlies this question. In other words, if your question was "Should you marry John Doe", your underlying desire for this question would be a happy marriage with the perfect partner [whether or not it is John Doe]. Therefore rewrite your question as a positive statement of the outcome you desire. That is to say that you are happily married to the perfect person for you

Next week, we could explore this a lot deeper