Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sociopaths, Narcissists and Empaths

The misconception that sociopaths and narcissists are smarter than empaths is wrong!

To many people’s surprise, empaths are intellectually superior to sociopaths and narcissists.

Empaths are grounded in reality, capable of abstract thought, and they are creative.

Narcissists and sociopaths lack all three of these traits. Empaths have the intellect and the creativity to manipulate and even exploit the narcissist 1000 times worse than they could ever imagine. Just because targets don’t exploit does not mean they can’t, or that they couldn’t, do an even better job than the sociopath.

Being a shallow user is its own punishment. As we see in many politicians, they might achieve power and wealth while being narcissistic and sociopathic, but at what cost? Constant need for approval, multiple failed relationships, and being surrounded by sycophants rather than true friends. Having empathy is smart and it pays on a deeper level.

On a lighter note…. there is no need to control or dominate… nothing can overcome a non-resistant person – this would only surprise the sociopaths and narcissists… but they rarely notice… because they are too busy admiring themselves!