Monday, August 18, 2008

The Mother Earth As A Teacher

When I think about all the great teachers, material and otherwise, that I have met in my life up to now (and recognizing one’s schools is a great asset), one stands apart.

She surpasses all others in her way. She is the kind of teacher who does not do the work for me. She does not give me all the answers immediately. She waits for them to resonate within, after the living process of comprehension has taken its time, unfolded and bloomed. She reveals only what I am ready to integrate.

She has boundless imagination. Her creativity never ceases to amaze me. She is the artist we all wish to emulate. She is always changing, so free, and yet so consistent. She is deeply moral. She is considerate and compassionate. She comforts me yet she knows how to reflect undeniably my weaknesses back to me. She is extremely generous and I can tell you that she will take on as many students as would choose her as a teacher. She teaches without judgment, in an all-inclusive vision of oneness. No one is too young, too impetuous, too slow or too old.

She has never been unfair, untrue, ungiving to me or to any of her pupils. She deeply respects her own teachers and shares their wisdom with me. Oh! And her classes can be held anywhere, anytime, and she is always willing, always there, ready to lead me to better understanding. She knows enough to teach me for many lifetimes, yet is very humble. Her intention is truly respectful of my deepest mission and my rhythm.

I can work with her, play with her, pray with her, be silent and rejoice in her. She knows me very well and I am starting to know her a little. Sometimes as grace embraces us, we complete each other’s thoughts. She gives me the opportunity to explore life: thinking and marveling, doing and being, giving and receiving.

She has access to dimensions of my mystery that fascinate me and allow me to live what Goethe expressed so well when he wrote: “The greatest happiness for the person who thinks is to have explored the conceivable and to revere in peace the unknowable.”

Would you like the name of that marvelous teacher? Her phone number, maybe? No need. She is close at hand. Our own Earth Mother, Gaia, Mother Nature, is a teacher ever so wise, unveiling the answers in front of our eyes.

Become conscious now that you are one with this planet. You talk about it. You say, "I have my two feet firmly planted on the ground and yet you don’t seem to understand".

You have disguised her. You have rejected her. You have hidden her under tons of cement, asphalt and plastic. You have forgotten her in favor of gadgets, things often useless that can never bring happiness, peace or love.

And she loves us so much. So, children please make an effort to help her.

Simply become your Self.

Realize that what makes you special is the respect and tender loving care which you bring to all life. Nothing else really counts

Together we must create the present that prepares the future.